Invaluable Money

“Get up and set your shoulders to the wheel-how long is the life for you? As you have come to this world, leave some mark behind. Otherwise where is the difference between you and the trees and stones? They too come into existence, decay and die.”

The adroit thought generates a natural passion in us which accelerates our move towards our goals. We all dream of conquering our ambitions but rarely do we ponder upon the path that would lead us to conquest our destination. Whatever we accomplish is treasured but more prized is how we actualize that acquisition.  If the aisle to the pinnacle is execrated, priceless achievement turns valueless. If the methods of achieving goals are flawed, then the ultimate consequence is downfall.

The most common element which deviates passionate minds from their values is their avarice for minting more and more silvers. Most of the people have their targets hoisted on the flagstone of their gluttony for money. It is because they have forgotten that, ‘money doesn’t compose man but it is the man who has composed money.’ So, it is not the money mind that needs to be implanted, but it is the mankind that needs to be pursued.

Achievements are worth only when our soul commemorates. Understanding the value of money is essential but overestimating its value gives rise to the thirst of money and this thirst dries up the stream of morals. And when this thirst for money attains zenith, our morals summon to the nadir. This is the horizon where our thoughts deviate to a criminal mindset. Once this thirst is fulfilled, he gets what he wanted but loses what he needed. Money could never equal the warmth of the mothers love, the tenderness of a father’s care, the amity of siblings, and the blessings of elders. One can earn them only with the values one possesses; money could only buy you a transient materialistic comfort. So loosing values at the cost of these unfaithful silvers is unworthy.

The body is immortal, but our existence could be made over lasting by pursuing a life that becomes an epitome of inspiration for others. Decades will pass and no one will bother to remember what we earned but they may somewhere recall what we did. So, liberate yourself from the clutches of this never-ending thirst of money and rise on the staircase of morals towards the gleaming sky where the crest of success dazzles. Let the life commemorate your living.

invaluable money

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