Types of Skirts for Each Body Type

Everyone is unique in their own way and when it comes to fashion, body becomes a canvas, we can endlessly experiment clothing on.

In this post we will be talking about Right skirt for your body type.

Source: Pinterest

1. I shaped body type:

I shaped body type is when you have a straight shape of your body. Don’t worry you can create a curve with full skirts.

2. V shaped body type:

If you have V-Shaped body type. You can wear a skirt that balances your shoulders with the hip and little flairs won’t hurt.

3. H shaped body type:

If you have rectangular shape i.e. “H”, you can wear a pencil skirt that follows your straight line.

4. A shaped body type:

You can follow your curves with a flared skirt, in A shaped body type.

5. X shaped body type (Hourglass body type):

You can wear A-line skirt that balances your shoulders with the hip.

Girls, you don’t have to exhaust only above mentioned guide. If you know other type of skirts that you can wear on different body type. Let us know in the comment box.



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