5 Most Beautiful Indian Islands You Must Visit!

Water water everywhere, a beautiful hut right in the middle of the water, serenity and peace all around, beauty at its best! Isn’t it really beautiful to think and visit such places? Hell yes! We all want to visit such places at least once in our lifetime!


Well, India is one such country that has been blessed with abundant natural beauty. From the world-renowned, snow-capped Himalayas to beautiful beaches, serene deserts to mesmerizing landscapes, we have it all! But, Indian travellers often miss out on the blissful, spellbinding islands we simply have no dearth of.

Here are 5 of the most beautiful Indian island destinations to visit in 2018.

1. Diu Island:

When you blend Portugal with Gujarat, DIU happens!


LOCATION: For a pleasant and laid-back tropical escape, head to the west, and visit the little, beautiful Diu island.

SPECIAL FEATURES: With nuances of Portugese culture infused in it, Diu will leave you spellbound with its adorable weather and amazing architecture.

SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS: The Gangeshwar Temple, Diu Fort, Seashell Museum and St Paul’s Church are the top attractions there.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: October to January.

2. Majuli:

The best sunrise and sunset views ever!


LOCATION: Situated in the Brahmaputra river, the uniquely serene and mesmerizing Majuli island in Assam is a perfect getaway to refresh your soul.

SPECIAL FEATURES: One of the biggest river islands in the world, Majuli is known for its breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. You’ll get to have a fair taste of the Assamese culture and cuisine as well.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: October to December.

3. St. Mary’s Islands:

Explore the untouched-beauty of St Mary’s islands off Karnataka coastline!


LOCATION: An archipelago of four tiny islands, off the coasts of Karnataka, the St Mary’s islands are known for their basaltic rock formations cut into a hexagonal-like shape.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The rocky beaches and crystal-clear waters make it a delightful treat to the eyes. Take a 15-minute boat ride from Malpe to reach the islands.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: December to January.

4. Lakshwadeep:

The go-to island for a romantic escape with your beloved!


LOCATION: The utterly beautiful Lakshwadeep islands is a group of 36 palm-laden coral islands off the Indian west coast in the Arabian sea.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The white sand beaches, clear blue waters, and pristine natural beauty make it a paradise for honeymooners. And while we are at it, do try out scuba diving there.

SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS: Do not miss out on the Kavaratti Island Marine Aquarium, Minicoy Island and Agatti Island.

5. Great Nicobar:

The largest island of the country-Great Nicobar!


LOCATION: Featuring serene surroundings, Great Nicobar Island is located in Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. To reach there, you can rent a boat or helicopter from Port Blair.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Great Nicobar Island is the biggest island in India. Featuring serene surroundings, pure blue waters, and amazing flora and fauna, Great Nicobar is an island lover’s perfect getaway.

SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS: When in Great Nicobar, watch out for Indira Point, Campbell Bay, and the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve.

BEST TIME TO VISIT: February to June.

So guys! What are you waiting for? Go and book your tickets at the earliest and have a peaceful break from your monotonous routine!

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