Social media-the catalyst to modern society informations. Earlier this was restricted to the domains of print media…but now in some recent years, the advent of social media has sublimated the other sources of information.

Social media has gained immense importance and power when it comes to influencing the society. It serves several functions and has a key role in shaping up the clay pot of the society. From the smallest bit of memes to the authentic news such as union budget, everything comes under the purview of the new torch bearer!
Earlier it used to have its significance restricted to being a server that is it just served as an entertainment source but as time passed by it has become a shaping agent and has spread its web across spreading important information than just being a “mere source of entertainment. “There are various social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and the list goes on to be endless. But as we all know there’s this communication pyramid that gets followed within such biz platforms too. This pyramid implies that with authority comes responsibility. And there’s a direct relationship that the two aspects share i.e. the more the authority, the more comes the responsibility. Recently, we came across a case of mob lynching due to some hoax rumour that fueled from WhatsApp. Now, here comes the ugly side of social media. Would anyone have ever thought that one of their family members would die due to the same WhatsApp that they operate daily! Is the cost of a life so cheap? And not just one,about 10-15 people have been killed in different states. To quote,we have another instance of the same when there was a false news on social media regarding the US elections. These platforms need to realise the level of power they have in their hands and how even a speck of falsehood into it could affect someone dangerously.
But as the moon has a darker side so does it have a brighter one too. The power of sharing things on social media contributes positively too. Some introvert poet would have found a way out on social media, someone about to suicide would have received a pint of life from  someone reading her post!
Any important information, any remedy to hoaxism,any news, anything and everything could be shared with a large masses of people within the 10th of a second. So, the power that social media holds has both it’s pros and cons. It just depends on the hands that authorise that power.
So, people let’s act responsible and use these platforms as a boon and not a Bane to the society.
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A slam poetess, writer and an avid reader. Presently serving as the President of Literary Society of RLA college and the Student Representative of Career Placement Cell, RLA, Delhi University.


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