ETHICS AND CULTURE, in all certainty, has had a holistically positive impact on my life and sense of being. The classes were a mix of theoretical and practical approaches that helped me grasp the magnitude of these essential concepts. The study material involved was wide-ranging and diverse both in terms of geography/socio-cultural environment and the basic outlook on issues pertaining to the subject. It included excerpts from Aristotle and George Elliot to the priceless teachings of Swami Vivekananda. This wide variety of material, combined with interactive classes, aided me in the development of a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

“Knowledge of India” will include knowledge from ancient India and its contributions to modern India and its successes and challenges”

We express that the excessive stress on the aspect of experiential learning in engraved in the current education policy existing concurrently with primacy yielded to Research methodology at the undergraduate level is something which was not emphasized during our time, core opportunity of working closely with the professors and developing hypothesis with our faculty was missing and therefore we were missing on the rigorous search technique. NEP 2020 basically talks about major transformational reforms in the Indian academic sector. The main aim of this is to redesign the structure with holistic development. The disadvantage we as a student of batch 2021-2024 is facing is that the batch of NEP has more options in terms of the side subjects and these subjects are mostly skill based. They are given focus on practical knowledge mostly . We are comparatively more inclined towards theoretical knowledge.

The practical knowledge will help them in the overall development of their skills and personality. They will not be only confined to writing answers . According to NEP 2020, students will be awarded with a certificate after completing 1 year (2 semesters) of study in the chosen fields of study, a diploma after 2 years (4 semesters) of study, a bachelor’s degree after a 3-year (6 semesters) programme of study, a bachelor’s degree with honors or research after a 4-year programme. This is very interesting because in the course of 4 years they are going to get exposure to different subjects which can also be practically applied. Also, if they wish to go for a research specialization, they will have to undertake a research project in their four-year course. This will get them an Honors degree with research specialization. This will help students to utilize their academic years and they will not have to waste extra years for research. On the other hand we have to give extra years for research and further higher studies. This mainly affects the students who are preparing for competitive exams as they have to carry both in their way.
In today’s era practical knowledge holds much more importance than theoretical knowledge so instead of writing 6 to 10 page answers there should be a method to apply the topics in real life . NEP 2020 is making this possible and education has become much more interesting and light as compared to previous policies.

People get to know about different styles of leadership and their relevance in the current world. We also learned some effective ways of communication. The spirit of being a good leader was inculcated through this course. Activities directed to leadership skills. People could be subjected to speak about our favorite political leader and also about the factors that we liked about him or her which motivates us. And a socratic-method style declamation or an Extempore in the practical class.

It is a very important tool a s in this current environment, young people like us are unable to control our emotions or we get too much overburdened with our life. Personality development is a lifelong process that involves self-awareness, self- improvement, and continuous learning. It helped me to understand myself better, including my strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs, emotions. Personality development includes improving our communication skills, such as listening actively, expressing yourself clearly and confidently, and resolving conflicts effectively. Overall, personality development encompasses a wide range of skills, behaviors, and attitudes that contributed to my personal growth, self-improvement, and success in various areas of life. It is a lifelong journey that requires self- reflection, effort, and a willingness to learn and grow.
With a confidence in the vibrance of the philosophy as a domain, I am positive that this subject will see the light of the day and may the masses will read into the philosophical caseloads for it will help the students to “find the soul even in the inanimate objects” and to become “true artist” as per Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. And with, I bring down the curtains of this elongated elucidation on philosophy. || ओम तत् सत् ||



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Chaitanya Sharma
B.A Philosophy (Hons.) from Hansraj College, University of Delhi


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