Freelancing: The Flexibility of a Job Life


What if you could choose your own office? Choose your own workplace? Choose your own feasible salary? Choose your own work field? What would happen if People come to you and not the other way around, which will be exactly on the basis of the same resume that you would go to them with? The first thought that would have rushed through your head right now, would be your life will be completely set and you will be living it completely on your own basis. This seems impossible, but it is not as much. This can be done by choosing the path of self-employment, which we can also called as freelancing. This is not some sort of shortcut to success because everything needs hardwork and this is a part of that. It is a smartwork and hard work at the same time, but it your own comfort zone.

Let’s see some benefits of freelancing :

1. Work Flexibility : This is the Main keyword that implies when you go solo. You get the freedom to choose your own clients and projects. There is no pressure of working under someone.Freelancing makes it very simple for a person to choose the type of work based on what interests and benefits them best. You can reward yourself at any time and never have wait for a bonus.
You are your own Boss.

2. Location freedom : There is no pressure of getting up in the morning, and travelling for long hours to a place, and sitting down at a desk until your job is done. While freelancing, the work can be done from anywhere and it is the freelancer who decides where the work has to be done from. It’s his freedom to choose his workplace.

3. Flexible hours : There is no pressure of a 9 to 5 job.There is no time boundation while freelancing. It can be just 2 hours today then a 40 hours tomorrow, and the weekend off. This no one who is to question that, and no leave application to be submitted, in the fear of getting denied. But, completion of work on time according to the project that you choose, is the only time boundation a freelancer gets.

4. Financial independence : The exposure for freelancing individuals is not Limited, it can be different states or even an Overseas location. So the amount differs accordingly. If a client thinks that your rates are expensive, you can gently see them no and move on to the next client. Freelancing also offers several sources of income. The more projects you take, the more you earn. It is not always that you have to take multiple projects. It is totally your choice when to take multiple and went to work on one. That is called financial independence.

Some website where you can start freelancing :

1. Fiverr                   6. Aquent
2. Upwork                7. Crowded
3. Toptal                   8. The Creative Group
4. Simply Hired          9. 99Designs
5. PeoplePerHour       10. Nexxt

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