The art of mindfulness



Sometimes we feel that we are losing the ability to control our thoughts. It seems very difficult to concentrate on the present and stop dwelling about the coming future. Whenever we try to be in a happy place, the apprehension of tomorrow kills our
happiness. In this rush to build the future and overcome the past we miss out on what we are feeling or what we are doing in the present.

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing all our attention on the present moment and accepting it. It is the key element in stress reduction. It brings our control back to our thoughts and allows us to live in present. It is the quality which every individual possess but is unaware of it. It gives us a mere understanding of who we are, what we have, what is going on in our surroundings etc. and enriches the present experience we are indulging in.

There are several ways in which we can make mindfulness a part of our life.
1. Meditation plays a vital role when it comes to controlling the thoughts. It doesn’t need any learning. You can simply sit in your favourite position, close your eyes and notice your breathing and your body.

2. Spending time with yourself. We are our best guides. Self analysis is a major part of mindfulness. You can practice this by simply thinking about all your actions throughout the day and analyzing the rights and wrongs.

3. Try to feel every bit of effort you make throughout the day. For eg- while having any meal bring your attention to the movement of hands and mouth. Also, feel your feet touching the floor and your back resting on the chair. These small practices make a large impact.

4. Don’t stop your negative thoughts. We can’t be happy or positive all the time. If you see any negative judgement or statement coming in your mind, let it pass like any other normal thought. Don’t obstruct it.

It is not a one or a two day practice. We have to make it a part of our life for a better living.

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