Started shopping for college: Why Sarojini?

For all those people out there, bracing themselves up for college life or even those, who are ready to take yet another year of college head on, this one’s for you. Till now, you must’ve heard so many people advising you either Sarojini Nagar (or SN, as we call it) or Janpath, while you’re still stuck over that dilemma as to which one to shop for college. Not to worry, this article is here for your rescue.

Janpath of course, has the advantage of being in Connaught Place, better known as that place in the city, where people meet to plan where to go. Jokes apart, since CP has more crowd as compared to other places, even during weekdays, being in the center of the city, Janpath can be said to be easily accessible to everyone. On the other hand, Sarojini Nagar lies in South Delhi, the only can-be-presumed disadvantage that it faces. Other than this, SN gives you all the valid reasons to be a favourite shopping destination.

Here are some points that, according to me, clearly define how shopping in SN is like….

1. Variety

Yes, SN gives a whole lot of varieties to choose from. You get almost everything that a normal college-going girl would need to go to college. From clothes to accessories, from footwear to handbags and clutches… they have it all and that too, in great variety. Its the only place where you can get Zara or Mango outfits at almost one-fourth its price. Now this is what we girls really need while shopping. Isn’t it?

2. Bargaining

SN offers the highest scope for bargaining, so you get the best of deals in everything. Be it a Colossal Kajal for Rs.50, a jeans for Rs.300, a pair of sneakers for Rs.350 or a top for Rs.100. If you think you have great bargaining skills, this is the place meant for you to learn and experience the shopping fundas. Its a win-win situation for all of us.

3. Food Points

Exhausted after a day-long shopping? Don’t worry, there are a number of food points at regular distance to excite your taste buds, with spicy Chinese and Indian food. Also, there’s DLF Mall, if you need McDonald’s or Haldiram’s to feed you.

So, gear up girls, this summer stock has already arrived there. Make sure you get the best deals and all the items in your shopping list checked. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, visit on a weekday. But check your calendar before you go, because its closed on Mondays.

P.S.- The views expressed in this article are purely based on the writer’s experience. This is not, in any way meant to publicise Sarojini Nagar. Moreover, nothing has been bragged about. If you don’t get like deals, you need to brush up your bargaining skills.

Happy shopping 🙂

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