DU’s Perplexing Cutoff Season- but you need to relax!

All the DU aspirants are nowadays going through a lot of perplexing circumstances. They have a whole bunch of queries regarding their admissions.
Some would prefer to heed the professional advice of counselors while others are willing to follow the suggestions of their seniors and elders. In order to make the best choice for their future, they are experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety.
Some of them would like to go for the course while others are preferring to choose college over course. It’s all about their priorities and individuality. The dilemma they are facing these days is faced by all of us at some stage of life. So it’s totally normal to face confusion and discuss about their choices with their friends and families. A day before the declaration of cut off, students experience sleepless nights and after the declaration of cut off they go through a restless day. ate ample time for relaxation. Just don’t spend the whole day checking out cut off lists, comparing colleges, consulting about courses and colleges. Sticking to your laptops and cell phones is only going to make this stressful situation even worse.
So, just take some time off for yourselves and spend the summer vacations like a free spirit in exploring new places, going out with friends and have a break.
Stressing out won’t let this puzzlement go away and will only worsen the current situation. So, just tap into your feelings, listen to your heart and go with it. It’s an important decision as it is going to mould your future. But you should not forget that you have a life which is meant to be appreciated along with fulfilling dreams.
Make the best use of these summer vacations and beat the heat with your enthusiasm. You should not just keep worrying about high cut off and your dream colleges. You have got your own passions, rather than spending the days worrying like pesky older fellows, go and explore them while you still can. Steal a day away from this “bhaagam-bhag” and chill out with your bunch of buddies. This is the time to learn new things and give shape to your hidden talents.
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