Dear people,
I feel as if I should have said it before..
Time and again, I have been reprimanded for my body size by people: “Get some meat on these bones.” “Do you even eat?” “What size clothes do you wear?” “Hey, you are just a bunch of bones.”
I have always tried to ignore these remarks but sometimes, they really do tend to stay with me.
I am naturally tall and skinny, I eat what I want and I do not starve myself.
And while I appreciate your obvious ‘concern’ for skinny women, and your intense desire to lead us to a healthy way of life, I would respectfully suggest you to stop attacking other’s bodies. Instead, today, why not take a look inside yourself and wonder why you feel the need to shame people over their bodies.
Calling someone skinny or fat will not make you any healthier. Commenting on someone else’s way of living will surely not make your life any better.
What is worrisome is most of the people consider fat shaming as offensive and rude, while they themselves indulge in skinny shaming. Why is it okay for them to call me ‘anorexic’ but horrible for me to call them ‘fat’? If they can feel beautiful for being big, I can feel beautiful for being small.
Now, do not get me wrong, I am just trying to highlight that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and we should support the diversity rather than pitching against each other’s body.
A woman is much more than her body and there is so much more to life than having a “perfect” body. GET OVER IT.
Yours Sincerely
A Skinny Girl

Harshita Jain | Content Writer | DU Times

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