Back to the 90’s : Cartoons ought to take you on a trip of nostalgia

Ever tried flipping through the channels late at night? Did u come across some familiar people? Johny bravo, the power puff girls or any other? While watching those you certainly were reminded of good olden days when your work was just to sit back and watch, watch and watch until it’s time to play outdoors or sleep. You suddenly felt like the very same toddler. Well here’s a list of all the shows which we had sworn to watch until our deaths but unfortunately the channels did not corporate –


Hello 911 emergency? There’s a handsome guy in my bathroom! Hey, wait a second cancel that it’s only me.”

An overconfident casanova with over flooding confidence in self that all women want and crave for him. The muscular hunk trying his luck with every other women and ending up getting bashed followed by endless laughter is what the show was all about.




Sugar, spice and everything nice, these were the ingredients to create the perfect little girl, ‘par galti se gira CHMICAL X’.

Professor Utonium accidentally added this to the concoction and hence the super powered sisters named Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were born. These sisters constantly aimed at saving the ‘townsville seher’ from evildoers like Mojo jojo and comforting the panicking mayor.





Honestly, if you have watched these episodes all alone, late at night while you were still a toddler, well then this is something you could be boasting about. This was no better than any horror movie for us back then, everyone waited for it with a bated breath.

Courage, the cowardly dog had mastered the art of saving his masters, (despite the panic he faced) Eustace and Muriel, from falling prey to the ghosts and other paranormal activities that took place while the couple lived alienated from the rest of the world on a farm full of bizarre adversaries.

And of course, who can forget the talk back computer technology which had a way out to every problem.


This was one of its kinds. It featured three boys in their adolescence, Ed,Edd and Eddy, who perform endless scams for their candy love- the jawbreakers- a sweet hard candy.

The hard candy is a costly affair and wasn’t much of a problem for other kids in town as they had pocket money whereas the three guys were not provided allowance by their parents. The show also included their summer time adventures which involved the girls, jobs, and tree houses.


While other elementary school children were busy playing and enjoying their childhood, this little genius, Dexter remained busy conducting world saving experiments in his secret laboratory.

Where his mom and dad are clueless about his genius-ness and the secretive tasks going in their house, Dexter’s elder sister dee dee frequently destructs his experiments.

His rival classmate Mandark always posed a threat and being equally genius called in for a war at times.


Well for this one no one ever understood what actually it was all about and what they said or what they were up to, but, we all loved watching it no matter what.

The only thing that was understood was that it was all about a penguin named Pingu, his family and his sibling. Whatsoever it was one of those programs which kept our eyes glued to the screens.




This Japanese series I guess created the maddest frenzy among kids of all ages. Not only kids but also adolescents and teenagers, all wanting their own personal pokemon with special features. Boys of younger age groups started battling with unrealistic pokemon balls each pretending to be Ash (the protagonist), misty or brock.

The program also had a villain duo ‘team rocket’ with Jessey and James along with a cat as its members.


Bloom, the protagonist, with special magical powers is no regular girl. Her work is to save the universe from Lord Darkar and witches Icy, Dracy, Stormy and a variety others.

She isn’t alone. She along with her six other girl friends Stella, Flora, Musa, Layla and Techna, whom she had met in her Alfea fairy school for fairies also help her in saving the universe. They together form the winx club. This show was the most talked show among the young girls pretending to be either of the fairies. What dragon balls and pokemon was to boys, winx club was to girls.


Bob, a builder along with his machines lofty, muck, scoop, dizzy and business partner Wendy are all set to take up projects and build dream houses and gardens and everything for people .

Troubled by the adversities created by the scare crow or their cat pilchard, bob and wendy take everything positively and have a solution to all.

I remember how I wanted to be a builder and make houses for people after watching this.


Shrankhla Verma | Content Writer | DU Times


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