There was a man..
Different from his political clan,
Who did wonders in days eleven,
Whom we lost to you oh heaven!
May that be the kargil war,
or the plane hijack of Kandahar,
he stood there like a thor,
roaring aloud cheers of valor
Its been a day,
After the destiny brought
the stormy dismay,
our heart recounts the bits of memories,
of the one who chanted the bravery poesies!
He was the man,
the man on mission,
large hearted enough
to befriend the opposition!
Someone who taught us
the difference between statesmanship and mere polity,
someone whom we shall
remember till eternity!
Giving your first speech
in hindi to united nations,
to working at the same time
 on unreckonable operations,
you taught us the art of
ruling being humane,
please come back
for you said
the warrior stands again!
Oh heaven…yeah right up there,
we know…
taking away good people
 is your flair,
but could not you for a moment stop,
before enpearling him to your eavesdrop,
for that man was in a trance,
else he for sure would have asked a chance,
before he laid down under that dew,
to say a bye…one last ADIEU!!!