India is all set and ready to reach the newer zenith in her space studies! The Indian Space Research Organization aka ISRO, has decided to spread it’s fragmented reach to school students as well as village people, to which earlier such benefits could not seap in! 
On Sunday, 12th August a top official of the same was found quoting – “India will soon launch a dedicated space and science television channel to make their benefits reach people across the country.
The above mentioned plan is to be characterized by a space channel on television. It will aim at making school children acquainted with the space sciences. The ISRO chairman K.Sivan told reporters- “Within the next 3-4 months, there will be a televis ion channel launched to reach even the rural parts of the country on how space programme can benefit the common man.”
The above statement was given by ISRO chairman at its headquarters on the sidelines of an event where the statue of the Father of India’s Space Programmes was unveiled on his 99th birth anniversary.
The first of its own kind in India,to be named as ISRO TV, is to telecast all scientific programmes and highlight the benefits of the space agency mission in regional languages and also in English, in order to avoid the communication barriers throughout the country.
ISRO is about to set up a module for the students from 8-10 to be trained at the space agency for a month, Sivan added. The students will be mentored by the ISRO officials for 25-30 days.
Another astonishing fact it englaims is that -“The students will be allowed to make a mini satellite of their own at the end of the project. Also, a new spaceport shall be opened at Shrihari kiya in Andhra Pradesh,to be open for the visitors from the general public. PM Narendra Modi jas also supported the initiative by ISRO, as he oversees the space department.
Feels like the country is about to take a great move in the aforesaid direction, which will help channelise the brains of millions at an early age,thereby benefitting the nation both socially and economically at a larger scale!
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