NSUI urges DU VC to consider pandemic-related problems faced by students as DU cut-offs rise to 100 percent

With DU cut-offs increasing to 100 percent for several courses, the Congress-affiliated NSUI has urged Delhi University's VC to take into account the pandemic-related issues that students are experiencing.

With exceptionally high cut-offs in multiple disciplines in several colleges, including 100% cut-off marks, the Congress-backed NSUI has urged the DU VC to consider the pandemic-related challenges experienced by students in the DU admissions 2021.

On Saturday, the National Students’ Union of India requested the vice-chancellor to provide a solution for DU students who did not receive good marks in their Class 12 exams.

The students’ union requested that the VC consider the “huge difficulties” students had attending online lessons during the Covid-19 outbreak.

What did NSUI say to the VC at DU?

Students encountered challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, including a paucity of electronic gadgets and the death of close ones, according to NSUI National President Neeraj Kundan, who submitted a letter to the vice chancellor of Delhi University.

He also encouraged the VC to find solutions that will allow students to pursue their goals of studying at DU.

“The Admission Committee has also been informed by NSUI (of DU). On behalf of all students, NSUI urges that higher authorities take into account the enormous issues that students encounter due to a variety of factors and give them the opportunity to be a part of Delhi University “According to PTI, the student group stated.

DU cut-offs that are extremely high

On Friday, DU colleges released their first cut-off lists, and the majority of the colleges had very high cut-off marks, with 95 percent or higher for most courses.

In a variety of courses, eight prestigious colleges achieved 100 percent cut-off marks.

Students seeking admission to the BA (Hons) Economics and BCom programmes at Shri Ram College of Commerce must have a perfect academic record (Hons). The college made headlines last year when it set the cut-offs for the same courses at 99 percent and 99.5 percent, respectively.

For those who did not have Psychology in their best of four (BFS) percentage, Jesus and Mary College recorded 100 percent cut-ff marks for admission to BA (Hons) Psychology. Those who do have it face a 99 percent cut-off rate.

Why are the cut-off marks for DU so high?

The cut-off marks for college admissions were expected to be very high this year, as the number of students scoring above 90% in their Class 12 exams increased dramatically as a result of the alternate marking systems used to address the no-board exam rule for CBSE, CISCE, and most state boards.

In the CBSE Class 12 board exams 2021, there were 70,004 students who received above-95 percent marks and 1,50,152 students who received above-90 percent marks.

In addition, the drop in the number of students going abroad to study because of the pandemic, as well as the increase in the number of applications, have all contributed to the high DU cut-off marks.

Despite the fact that Delhi University is supposed to release five cut-off lists, there is very little chance that seats will remain vacant until that call or that cut-off marks will fall significantly in the top DU colleges.

The admissions process for Delhi University will begin on October 4 at du.ac.in. The second cut off list will be released on October 9, followed by the third on October 16.

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