No More Bored In Holidays – TIPS

Feeling bored over the holidays? Here’s a list of cheap/free/fun things you can do to make the most of them.

  1. Make something.


 Trust your feet and don’t turn back 

Build a fort. Make a cake. Create a playlist of your favourite music to share with a friend. Making, building, and creating are super simple ways to avoid feeling bored, relax your mind and help you feel that you’ve accomplished something. Just make sure you check the spelling on the cake.



  1. Read an amazing book.

Why don’t you take a trip to HOGWARTS? Or if Harry Potter’s not your thing, have you read the Hunger Games? Get ready to lose three days worth of your life because you won’t be able to put it down. Someone cool once said “I do not read for I have renounced life, I read because one life is not enough for me.” Get lost in a book.


  1. Catch up on all that sleep you’ve missed since the last long weekend. It’s time. You’ve been waiting so long. Finally, a sleep in. Nestle in early (or late, it won’t matter!), rest your head on your pillow and feel awesome that your alarm isn’t set and you’ll wake up when your body is ready.
  2.  Do that one thing you’ve been thinking you’ll do for ages.

Go swimming. Apply for that job. Write a real handwritten letter to your grandma or someone you love. Visit a national park. Clean your room. What have you been meaning to do for ages? Leave a comment below.


  1. Learn something new.

Finally learn how to fix your bike. Join CodeCademy. Check out HowStuffWorks. Or – teach someone something you know that they don’t!


  1. Invite your friends over and cook burritos together. Or pizza. Or burritos AND pizza.

You can’t go wrong. Food is good for you, and so is hanging out with friends, so why not do them together? Eat well, be merry.


  1. Plan a surprise for someone.

A treat, an activity, an expedition, or anything else that you think they might enjoy. Even something tiny – a thank you note, breakfast in bed, a visit to the movies. It’s fun for you and fun for them – everybody wins. Some surprises lead to goodness like this:



  1. Get nostalgic. 

Bring out the board games. Cards. A Jigsaw puzzle. The picnic rug. There’s nothing quite like bringing it back to basics. Jenga never gets old, but after four hours Monopoly usually does so be careful what you choose…


  1. Check out from technology for a full day.

Disconnect yourself from TV, phone, video games and the Internet. Let your mind just be in the here and now, undistracted by all of those pesky technological devices that so often get in the way. 


  1.  Don’t plan every moment. 

Even though you will have gotten some really fun ideas from this list, don’t plan every minute. Try to leave some time to the wind. 

  1. Go exploring.

There’s something liberating about breaking out of our everyday bubble. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Get in the car, go out on foot, pack a lunch, trust your feet and don’t turn back….until Monday night. Then you should probably turn back.


Got an idea for something amazing to do this weekend? Leave a comment and inspire someone.

By Simran Jindal, Miranda House

For DU Times

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