Mental symptoms goes unnoticed in the Pandemic.

We, humans, are social animals who require a crucial balance between work-study life and being socially active. In the midst of the pandemic, we are just trying to protect ourselves physically, unbeknown to the effect on our mental health.

According to the doctors, the common mental health issues seen in people are as follows:

  1. Varied mood swings
  2. Anxiety and low mood
  3. Dependence on video games
  4. Excessive eating disorder due to stress and emotional imbalance
  5. Recurrent depressive and suicidal thoughts
  6. Develop a feeling of distrust due to non-engagement with peers and friends
  7. Increase screen time amongst all age groups

Protecting students’ mental health is a public health issue that in the context of a pandemic, appears even more critical. The results indicate that women and non-binary students, as well as students with a history of psychiatric follow-up, must be given special attention. Maintaining contact with students also seems important to ensure that they have good quality housing conditions, to provide for their basic needs, to allow them to maintain physical activity.

There are myriad symptoms and effects seen on people due to the pandemic. However, we still can treat the physical symptoms caused by the virus, but the effect caused on our mind goes unnoticed and thus people live in denial behind its reason.


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