Love’s Labour’s Lost

Unlike the Shakespearean Comedy that the title is borrowed from, I intend to only reflect upon the minute measures of relationships. It sometimes comes to me as some kind of pretension or compromise when I think about relationships as such. I guess, that’s a pessimist’s way of seeing it as most people wouldn’t agree to my observation. Not that I don’t agree to the fact that ‘love’ exists. I am just dissecting ‘love’ from a formal ‘relationship’. With Love, comes oneness and eternity and from a queer sense, I would agree with Plato that one becomes insane cast under the spell of love. Well, here one can equate Love with Madness. This is portrayed well by the Sufi saints.
Love feels divine. And that never fades away while the body perishes.
I wouldn’t see all relationships from a magnifying glass though because, there are relationships I believe that survive all the storms throughout. There can be multiple perspectives to view it and also, the individual in that chain of events, to fathom the individual who is otherwise, lost and lonely. The lover is an individual first, and then, a partner I believe. Then, comes Relationships. A loved B with all the love he had and B too ,fell in love with him. They had to split for some reason. A , then wanted to get into a ‘relationship’ with C and C fell in love with A.
A could feel the comfort in C as C would love A with all her heart and soul. C felt that oneness with A and worshipped A. With the course of time, A wanted to be free and thus, broke away from C. A felt guilty but couldn’t comprehend his own plight. A probably loved C but not the way C loved A.
End of the Story!princess-franceCome Spring after a dry and cold Winter, C longed for a companion and she found a reason to smile when she met D. D and C bonded very well and they looked like two butterflies fluttering around in the sunny Spring. Life became merry and the sky clear of all the ominous clouds. D fell in love with C but C was apprehensive because she felt that it wouldn’t be the same way again although she knew D loved her deeply and would keep her that chirpy butterfly. Thus, C and D got married. C found a perfect partner ,friend, guide, best friend, companion in D, but, something was missing. What is that something? The Madness? Their relationship is one of understanding ,trust and love but in some lonely corner of her life she wept longing for that Madness, the Madness that gave her extreme love but also was the cause of grief.C and D shared a relationship that had all the ingredients including Love, while C shared only Love with A and therefore, it was too intense and stayed forever within C. Nevertheless, C didn’t want to lose D as in D she found the solace to rest her heavy heart and complicated self.Thus, it seems to me that in a relationship it’s two people playing two different roles yet complimenting the same purpose. All the lovers, freaks, fanatics are but individuals first. They all weep for something they have lost. They all laugh out at the adversities bravely but also, sneak away to a lonely corridor to weep silently.

Yet, never stop loving!

Love me like the Sky,
I would ne’er part with thee.
I am thine Ocean,
Love me through this distance, maybe.

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  1. i believe its better to have loved once and lost than never to have loved at all. And ya people who are in love or loved once are humans only so they must try to hold it true whatever befalls as said by Tennyson 🙂


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