DU Students Detained for Protest Against Hindu Mahasabha

Students protesting

A few days ago Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, in their attempt to medicate the deceased ‘Sanskriti’, announced their shady plans to marry off the couples out on Valentine’s Day. This was taken as a bliss and social service by youth and many social circles, as Sanghi groups are known to have an ideology which regulates whom we are supposed marry and tells us that it is a sin to love. It was taken as an act of generosity and kindness coming from a hindu nationalist group, whos definition of nationalism is in conflict with the whole world except their own fellows. It came up as a bliss to couples who can not be married due to pressure of caste, creed, region and culture.

This step of a Sanghi group was taken up as a subject of satire and an act of folly by academically sane masses. DU students decided to take up on this politics of love and hence a protest was planned on Valentine’s Day by the students in front of the Mahasabha office. Students demanded Mahasabha goons to keep their promise and get them married off right away. But Mahasabha proved themselves as the standard hypocrites to ditch the poor students. The police came up to the rescue of Mahasabha and though the students were protesting peacefully police were disappointed at the peace and few of the students were arrested for the heinous crime of protesting. We must not forget police is also an organization which stands for the safety of our society and our sick “Sanskriti” which is under treatment in a government hospital.

To quote one of the protester,

           “Delhi Police has unlawfully detained us despite the protest being peaceful and democratic……..expose the dictatorship of Modi! Everyone has the right to love and no Modi-Shah-Togadia can stop us!”

We all are requested by the students to stand in solidarity with sanity. We all should make attempts to look into the eyes of such anti-social groups and scare them before they do that to us. Let us stand united against these traders of hate, who are attempting to write the constitution of love.

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