Life of an Outstation Student in Delhi University

It is famously quoted that the life of a student and a soldier is much the same. This is true with respect to the students staying outstation. He/she has to carry so much within,those struggles with flatmates, hungry exam nights,meeting assignment deadlines, and specially carrying those dreams seen by their parents and them. Delhi University, is impregnated  with zillions of such students every year; who inhabit Delhi as their second home and friends as their second family. Joining DU as an outstation student has some perks that come with the same:
1. A ‘constant’: First of all, the college blesses you with a friend with whom you roam round the entire Delhi-NCR. Being away from home, you both need a cushion and become one for each other.In a way,you get a family away from your family.
2. Opportunity seeker: Coming to the university, you meet different type of people which makes  the frog within you come out of its well making you realize “you are just another ordinary person. “In the beginning, it upsets you to the core but as soon as you realize what is to be done, you become one hell of an opportunity  seeker and learn to sell your potentials.
3. “Come what may”: This phrase sums up the way an outstation DU student deals with life.With those assignments pending,marks deteriorating, birthday parties awaiting, and lastly to the top of it your long lost dreams of a decent placement when all of it hangs above your head,you start developing an attitude of come what may and this makes you a real fighter!
4. Cursing and loving life: This is true in case of not just an outstation DU student but also a normal DU student.Every night we end up cursing our life due to those assignments, and every morning  we start loving college for the family like friends.
5. Mesmerising fests: Being outstation student in DU provides you with an opportunity of witnessing those breath taking scintillating fests of college as well as the ones held in Delhi-NCR. It gives you a sense of the present trend and it feels heavenly enjoying it with friends.
6. Trying to fit in: The Delhiites are of course a bit different from the non-delhiites because of course no two states or cultures can be the same. But its an advice to all those oustation students out there, never go astray and be someone else in peer pressure. Be what you are comfortable at! The world will love you that way and if you feel something  is worth learning then go with that.
Though, this lil piece of write up cannot sum up those struggles and experience of being a toddler to a sprinter in a whole new city,but its a gist of the same. Kudos to all those outstation students out there! Yeah doing a great job people….!!?
Stay tuned for more such articles!
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