“Join DU for the experience”

While admissions, we all face numerous doubts

south campus or north?

course or college?

friends or future?

career or fun?

while some just have one parameter, koi bhi Mil Jaye. Bas DU Mil Jaye.

but what I believe is, it’s all written, it’s all destined. It’s all meant to happen if it is to be. Although, I was destined to lay in bed for no reason.

talking of personal experience, I changed my college thrice while taking admissions in DU and ended up in Hansraj, an hour away from home just to experience independence while entering the world of self-dependence.

although given our encounter with coronavirus just proves batch of 2020, the most useless of all times but I’m still positive and keeping up hopes for colleges reopening < no pun intended>

Joggling between these mixed emotions working on this article in this lovely arousing weather just doesn’t make sense to me, I’d rather be sipping my tea from Sudama tea stall while pushing myself into the lovely drizzling rainy weather in north campus, Delhi.

I’d rather seek validations over college outfits from my bunch of best friends than sitting here and interning. <relatable enough?>

although ‘flix and chill have become the most relatable and fun hashtag these days, I still want to drag myself to the world absent of hashtags, the real world, and just want to experience life, the beauty that resides in its nature, and the warmth it has to offer to us.

I’d rather be tackling the tensing situation as to how to reach back home with all the after rain traffics and unavailability of transport services rather than questioning my entire existence while laying in bed right now.

You might be expecting to hear about lectures, fests, society events, and bunks when it comes to college life experience, pardon me for I have only unfruitful facts to state.

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Vasundhra Khannaa
Pursuing English honors from Hansraj College('23). Trying to explore myself to its utmost levels, given the little never-ending time pandemic has to offer. while trying to bring my experiences in their simplest form to you. I LOVE to interact with new people, so you could contact me below. #delhite #blogs #lifestyle


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