Job placement for graduates of 2020

Job placement for graduates of 2020

Job placement for graduates of 2020

This lockdown is impacting the unemployment rate in 2020 massively. And how about looking up at the stats. it says over 3/4th of the population and in figures over 122 million are affected according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). People running out of jobs is not the whole story. The larger picture also imprisons a corner for the ones who haven’t got any job yet. The students who couldn’t get away at the first attempt. And was waiting for upcoming chances. The main reason that is the skeleton to all these underlying problems, of course, is COVID 19. This unprecedented occurrence of the “bat virus” has put lakhs of students under the pressure of getting job placement.

Why should we worry about the current unemployment rate in 2020?

Delhi university’s Vice-chancellor Yogesh Tyagi has conveyed a heartfelt message on the 1st of May to observe the 98th foundation day. He conveyed millstones of the university. Along with it he also asked the students and the faculty who are in a position of advantage to work and help the ones who aren’t. The least as a student we could do is understand the graveness of the situation. Therefore, it is our duty to understand that even though the hardest hits are the small business owner and the daily wage workers, it is still a crisis! lest we should not forget about the distress of salaried workers and businessmen. We should bear the fact in our heads that it is still tough for salaried workers to get their lost job back in comparison to the daily wage workers. This was to bring our focus to the worst that lays ahead of the “COVID era.”  

Do students have a way out?

Job placement for graduates of 2020
Job placement for graduates of 2020

In the previous section, we have seen the worst scenario of not being able to get salaried jobs. But it does not obscure the existence of the best case prediction as well. We have to be optimistic that when the world gets to normal, it isn’t the usual normal but the best normal. After we resume our lives, we will need to fix a lot of things. To bring back everything to normal and for bigger changes to mankind, we’ll need more human resources. This may give a better opportunity for the job placement for students, daily wage earners, salaried workers, businessmen, and everyone who had to crawl down in search of better livelihood during this pandemic. Until then you must not stress but track all the possible ways out and let us know it too!

concluding note

It was forever believed that students have solutions to even the worst of the problems. We would really love to know your solution to this! However, it is just not in India but the students across the globe were never hoping for this. Jobs for recent college graduates seems like are not in the cards for the batch of 2020. Can it also be assumed that there are bigger chances and opportunities waiting for them?

Student’s opportunities seem to slip away and nothing could be done against it at the moment. As we can see the deaths in India to reach 1,783, with 52,952 confirmed cases, it is a really tough time for the entire nation and world in general. So instead the unforgettable batch of 2020 is doing what is the best anyone can do at the moment.

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