ISRO (The conquerers of the space)

22nd June is marked in “Golden Words” in the history of Indian Space Research organisation. Indian space and research organisation  or popularly known as ISRO at Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Shree Harikota successfully launched 20 satellites in a single shot. ISRO’s space vehicle PSLV C-34 launched satellites 36th time. India became 3rd country after Russia and USA which witnessed such achievement. In 2013, US has launched 29 satellites and Russia launched 37 satellites in 2014 in a single mission.


PSLV C-34 carried 506 kg weighing satellites and successfully set up in “Polar Sun Synchronous Orbit” approx 505 Km away from Earth’s Orbit. Out of these 20 satellites 13 are from US, 2  From Canada, 1 from Germany and Indonesia each. Google Inc. first time used ISRO for launching their satellite named as SkySat Gen 2-1. It also launched 12 Dove satellites. PSLV C-34 also launched two satellites from Canada named as GHGSat-D and M3MSat. PSLV C-34 also carried 1 satellite from Germany and Indonesia name BIROS and LAPAN-A3 respectively.

PSLV C-34 launched three indigenous satellites “Swayam”, “Sathyabamasat” and “Cartosat-2”.

Swayam is developed by College of Engineering, Pune which will help in Point messaging services to Amateur Radio. Second Satellite “Sathyabama” is developed by Sathyabama University, Chennai to collect Data on Green House Gases across the country. Third Satellite CartoSat-2 will help India to access better strategic information in Cartographic. It will be used in many applications like Coastal land use, Utility Management, Road and Railway Networking and Water Distribution in the country.

It may seem a small success but it gives hope for a great future of Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) and will also help the young scientists to gain confidence and success in near future.

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