Indian Rainbow in one Color, BHAGWA?


Every now and then, BJP has come up with characters like Subarmanian Swamy, Yogi Adityanath, Ram Shankar Katheria and many more who tries to dilute the communal harmony and paint the diverse Indian rainbow in one color, Bhagwa. People make different definition of this word for their simplicity rather dominance. The most common fad among the Indian’s today is the sudden rise of nationalism- powered by BJP. At time it is necessary but taking every issue with that point and no other point is relevant is blind nationalism at least for me. Few weeks back BJP Rajya Sabha member Subarmanin Swamy outraged a twitter war first with Raghuram Rajan saying that “he is not a full Indian” and later with chief economic adviser Arvind Subarmanian with a tweet “Who said to US Cong on 13/3/13 the US should act against India to defend US Pharmaceuticals interests? Arvind Subramanian MoF !! Sack him!!!,” Swamy tweeted Wednesday morning.
In the last two years of Modi government, discernible changes in every sector have been recorded and one should not deny it for the fake journalism or just to oppose the government with a motive to do it every time. But, the problem lies with counter pervasive thoughts of bhagwakaran being transmitted by members of its different wings and that has been there from the early years of its formation as Bhartiya Jan Sangh or Janta party. I would like to mention few instances where they tried to put forward their agenda of Hindutva before the national interest.

  • May1977- Morarji Desai was presented a memorandum that sought the withdrawl of 4 history books and grounds of not condemning enough Muslim rulers of Mughal empire and that works of Bal Tilak and Aurbindo were responsible for despair among hindu muslims, though it wasn’t passed in that time but was given a free wavier in 1990, they changed the content of the books.
  • Keshubhai patel, then C.M Gujrat 1995, made changes in class 9th textbook that Muslims and Christians are foreigners.
  • In the past two years, demands of changing the Mughal history are high saying that our students only learn about them and very less Hindu rulers are quoted in the textbooks- Ashoka and Maharana Pratap’s stories must be told to students.
  • Yogi Adityanath said- Teresa was a part of the conspiracy to Christianize India and added- when people are not able to provide medical aid to children or differently abled children due to poverty, these people come to provide facilities and brainwash them to follow Christanity.

Today, when India is leading the world with economy and development, ministries are doing good and the world is looking forward to invest here- the nonchalance approach of P.M allows few infected members to disturb the mood of India which is headed by the agenda of development only. When the State HRD Minister says- “Desh ka bhagwakaran hoga aur padhai ka bhi, agar bharat ke hit me hai”. This is what you are trying to project through the responsible ministry.

Howsoever you may work in different nations, if you can’t maintain the diversity of your own country and allow such members to openly give hate speeches, you are in a total loss. No contrition not even evasion-proves the double standards. The rainbow is unique for its different colors- in India it’s the diversity, and if you try to change it in one color, you are killing its uniqueness. Whatever be the reasons behind, India will save its diversity and will maintain the uniqueness, your high chair might be at risk for these double standards. True nationalism is accepting and taking forward your nation as it is, with no communal and regional agenda-just development.

Aayush Verma,
Editor – DU Times.

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