Human Scavengers

In the recent past , we would have read and heard about the ‘ Swacch Bharat abhiyan ‘. Funds were provided and campaigns were on with maximum photo opportunity. The litmus test shows some changes on ground . The Gatimaan express is ready with bio-toilets on board and people in Mathura are captured on camera and shamed on social media for open defection. Mysore ranked no. 1 in the swacch list while Mumbai is burning in the Dewanagar land filling .

We all have heard about all this , no ?
Lets talk about something behind the golden curtain
Suman, Pawan and Ragheshwar are of no value to us. Total zero. Why ?
Are kyuki wo na to Bollywood ke, na Cricket ke aur na hi politicians. Hum bhartiyon ko in teen ke aage Kisi se matlab kaha, now fashion statement and selfies too.
The 3 are part of the 1.8 million population of “HUMAN SCAVENGERS”. A group of people who work all their life to carry your excreta (potty) on their head to keep your washrooms ready for the next day. Prohibited in 1993 act and extended to 2013, but this inhuman to this specific group is carried to generations after one.
They work in sewers and drainage pipes to maintain the proper flow . They didn’t even stop there, many like SUMAN wake up early in the morning , with empty stomach and a basket in hand with a iron scoop to lift up the faeces (mael) from the toilets of other villagers. She carries that basket on her head to throw it away in the dumping ground. She said “even if I wash, my hands or take a bath for hours, I see faeces all around me, even in the plate of my meal” .

Pawan, son of a paralysed mother, wanted to be a policewala, dreamt and worked hard till class 5th but then he saw that his mother can no more lift up the heavy basket, he started to go out with his mom for the morning job.

The reality of Swacch Bharat is a distant object for such people. Things might change in metros and towns but they are treated as animals.
Ragheshwar died by suffocation in an over flowed sewer pipe line in Mumbai. Goes in vain. The 1.8 million population was ready to face the faeces next morning, for them people like Ragheshwar come and go in this cruel world.
Where is the CONGRESS or the BJP? Why are you Absent now?
I think the vote bank of this sector is not enough to gain their attention.
Where is the typical Indian society?
Let me tell you.
– Hum Brahmin hai .
– Oye, hum Thakur hai Thakur.
– Mai to bhai Baniya Hu.
Yes, the most cultured and innocent society is divided into the categories from A-Z .
The Z belongs to those who are born like humans but they aren’t supposed to drink water from our glass.
They cannot enter into the temple.
May be the creator of all feel offended by the entry of one of his own creation.

Unfortunately, when such societies are backed by some government schemes and reservation policies, then comes the baniya , Brahmin and other A-Y category to cry their heart out as if they have been asked to leave earth or something.
Everyone of us has faced this in our family.
I just have few questions.
What makes us feel proud having a upper caste tag than the others?
Who gave us the authority to mark them as untouchables?
Only the rich can worship the creator of all?
If they drink water in our regular glasses does it gets poisoned?
Why kids like Pawan cannot become a policewala?
Why do you call yourself a human? Why not an alien or animal or a slave for money?
Why such sections still remain alive in our society?
Why human scavengers?
Who holds the answer to these questions?
As I wait. Wait for a step to support the cause of your clean toilets. Wait for the day when Suman can live without doing that dirty work.
Wait for the achhe din to come.
I wait! And I am still waiting!

By Ayush Verma For DU Times

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