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First the mind boggling stress of making through the sky rocketing cut offs,then the tiring formalities to get a seat in the destined college, Delhi university surely requires you to be on your nerves to get an admission. With the diversity found in DU,it attracts a huge crowd of students not only from Delhi but from all over the country and abroad. Delhites don’t need to bother much when it comes to being in a college but it’s a tough task for out station students to search for accommodation.

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One that it’s a new city and two that the weather being at its naughtiest , finding a pg or a room is a very challenging task.
Here’s a guide for all non delhites to find accommodation in the proximity of North campus:

1. Kamla Nagar:
From good accommodation to a great market,Kamla Nagar always has been the first preference for north campus students.Good PGs are available for ₹7k to ₹15k near the college and also amidst the “k-nags” main market.

2. Vijay Nagar:
For students who made it to Ramjas,DRC and nearby colleges,vijay Nagar is the most suitable location to get a room as well as a pg.Being in close proximity to Hudson Lane,Vijay Nagar is a quick pick for those who call themselves the foodies.

3. Roop Nagar:
Roop Nagar provides very economical PGs and rooms for boys as well as girls.Many of the colleges viz Kirori Mal, Ramjas,Daulat Ram are at a walkable distance from Roop Nagar.So if money is of much concern,you should grab a place in Roop Nagar.

4. Malkaganj:
Kirorians,Ramjasites, Hansarians and also Hinduites can get a pg or a flat in Malkaganj,which is situated just near Kamla Nagar main market. Malkaganj is a good option just after kamla nagar .
Cost of accommodation is around ₹15k here.

5. Hudson Lane:
Hudson Lane is the most famous eating junction for all north campus students and is situated just next to the GTB Nagar metro station .PGs for girls can be found easily here. The cost is relatively higher here because of its location but if you’re planning to go for some coaching along with your graduation then this is the place for you.

6. GTB Nagar:
The cheapest rooms and PGs are available in GTB nagar.This place is mostly preferred by boys. Though being a little far away from the colleges,its the closest place from the metro.

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So once you are done with the admission procedure,move on to these location to get a suitable place to live.
P.S: Do not forget to carry an umbrella and beware of brokers you may find all around the campus during the admission season.

Mohini Singh,
Content Writer – DU Times.

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