Gender Inequality (Men’s Standpoint)

Ummm, first we should know what is equality???

The right of different groups of people to have a similar social position and receive the same treatment. This is equality!

Somewhere deep in our mind, a thought always linger on, and that is, are we really getting equal rights?

My personal opinion is ‘NO! We aren’t’

The problem of gender inequality keeps on getting grim.

Gender equality is not only a woman’s issue but a human issue as well for it affects us all.

Men and Women we both have the same origin and we all are from the same planet Earth. So the question arises where lies the problem?

If we think carefully gender inequality affects men too.

Sometimes, I feel pity for men. Keep on reading to find that.

Have you ever heard, that women should respect men? Rather, it’s always the opposite! Men are always taught to respect women. Again the question is, why?

In bus metro or any public transport, there are seats reserved for the woman and girls. Huh? Why?

A girl or a woman can speak abusively to a man which is fine! Totally fine!

But, if a man or a boy speaks abusively to a girl, it is not right! He is a man, he should respect the girl? What?

Why this discrimination?

(Although I am not promoting that man should also speak abusively in reply.

I am against any kind of violence)

For women, there are so many policies that are conceptualized mainly as a woman’s Issue: the battle for gender equality has been mainly fought by women and for women!

But have you ever heard about any policy for men? No. I never heard that there is the policy for men.

Why there is no policy for men?

Just because we are women?

Or is that men don’t deserve all these rights that women have?

We talk about equality. Where is the equality?

There is always a biased against the profession, like dancers, nurses. Etc.

Is there any problem if a man who gets into professions like dancing, nursing, really? Doesn’t he have any right to choose the profession? If a girl can be a cricketer then why the man can’t be a dancer or nursing?

He should not stay at home because he is a man!

In India, if a man staying at home to look after children, then it’s a stigma in name of the man!

In India, it’s a still Orthodox. Women can quit their job for their baby, but father can’t! Why?

Don’t they have any right to spend their time with their children? Why isn’t father allowed a paternity leave?

From the beginning of their childhood, they always taught that ‘Boys don’t cry? If he cries he is weak.


Why? Don’t they have feelings?

Or they are heartless? Or they don’t have emotions? Being a man means being aggressive, strong, tough. Men also have feelings, they can feel pain and fear. We should remove this violent picture about the manhood.

Men are meant to be protector not to be protected. He is always supposed to protect her wife, sister, girlfriend, mother etc. Why always the man? Today lot of woman and girls are learning not to depend on the man sometimes the woman should also stand up for him.

Why men get harsh punishment than women for the same crime!

Is there any law that states woman receive less punishment than the man for the similar crime? No. It’s not written anywhere.

I feel that we women have so many advantages, sometimes some of them misuse their rights.

I feel that we should have been taught in childhood itself that respect human not gender.

I am also a feminist but I show feminism when there is need to show.

Through this article, I just want to draw attention towards the inequality faced by men. It’s high time to dismantle the feminism and realize that we all are humans.

“Women are not going to be equal

Outside the home, until men are

Equal in it”

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