From this session onwards, DU students will be required to plant trees.

"Environmental Education to Environmental Action" at the University of Delhi (DU) requires every student to plant at least one tree in the country.

From this semester forward, all students at DU will be required to plant trees. New Delhi, India: The University of Delhi (DU) has launched an endeavor to make the world a “greener place” through its new “Environmental Education to Environmental Action” program, which requires each student to plant at least one tree anywhere in the country. Vice-chancellor of the university PC Joshi, speaking about the initiative announced by DU on August 7 for the upcoming academic session, said that it was launched as part of the university’s social obligation to the environment.

“From environmental education to environmental action is our goal. Each student admitted to DU will be required to plant and maintain a tree. Every six months, the students will provide us with a geotagging report on the tree’s progress “he explained.

Joshi went on to say that students could plant trees in their hometowns, and on August 15, he and all of the DU officials planted a tree on the campus to begin off the program. “We’re all keeping an eye on the plants we’ve planted” he explained.

Dinbandhu Sahoo, a DU professor and Director of the Centre for Himalayan Studies (DCHS), noted that India only had 28 trees per person during the COVID-19 crisis, compared to 422 trees per person worldwide. “Students are a well-organized group, and India has between 5 and 6 million students. Within five years, if each student plants one tree, the total number of trees will have doubled. It will not only improve the quality of life by increasing oxygen levels, but it will also create jobs through a sustainable supply chain”

In a letter to Mr. Joshi, DCHS encouraged him to institutionalize the program and make it mandatory for all students, according to Mr. Sahoo. When asked about geotagging, Sahoo explained that it will aid in keeping track of the trees planted by students because geotagging will track the longitudinal and latitudinal location of the tree’s planting location.

The professor went on to say that DU was the first university to execute this program and that other universities should follow suit for a “greener earth.”






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