Four Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Regular Outfit

Waking up everyday and deciding a chic outfit can be such a pain! But oh well, Dear Dorothy, fear not, I have a few ideas for you. These ideas will spice up any outfit that you decide to wear to college. So well, let’s check em out, shall we?

1. Transparent A-V-I-A-T-O-R-S

The very first tip is to wear transparent aviators. These snazzy glasses have a chic modern touch that stand out from the crowd. And uh-huh, they can spice up ANY outfit, A-N-Y. Try to go for the eyeglasses with a silver frame because these are one of the sexiest frames you could possibly wear.

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2. Accessorize your outfit!

Can we please appreciate the existence of rings, earrings and necklaces? Let’s admit it, almost every woman loves exquisite jewellery pieces. Now, let’s talk about the kinds of fashion jewellery you can wear. As far as ring are concerned, you can go for metal knuckle rings, a European fashion retro ring set or a combination retro rings.

Now, let’s come to earrings. Silver hoops go almost with every single outfit! Be it a dress, a simple t-shirt with shorts or even a Kurti. They’re extremely convenient and give a hip look as well.

3. Always wear a stylish watch.

Alright beautiful people, it’s time to wear a watch to college everyday. Yup. I’ll tell you as to why you should wear a watch. They’re convenient, they’re functional and they signal style! You can probably go for a glamorous analog watch with a rose gold dial. It looks AMAZIIIING.

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4. Combat boots.

Here is the fourth thing you should try and wear. Now, combat boots are extremely versatile. Why? Well, because they’re extremely comfortable, can be worn in any season (even summers) and it gives a very “motorcycle chic” look. They’ll go well with a dress or a simple t-shirt with jeans. They’re perfect so make sure you buy yourself a pair to wear constantly.

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Alright beautiful people, these were a few tips for y’all! See you soon with another article. .. Ciao! ..

Pranati Bhatia | Content Writer | DU Times

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