Have you ever wondered what do you want from life? Or what does life wants from you?
I mean the question is frequent,but what about the Answers? Your own true answers to these Questions?
Let’s halt this very moment,and leave everything for now and just think about your present conditions,designations or may be about your present situations.Are you really happy and satisfied with your present situations,or there are some regrets in your heart,some dreams that has been trudged due to some societal conditions?
Job,Money or People? What has compelled you to kill your little passion within yourself?
Agreed,it’s not possible everytime,to go heedless on the situations that prevails,yet,have you ever wondered that if not in this moment,if not in this life,then WHEN? When will you give wings to your Dreams,your Passion? Nothing is Simple! But life will become too boring if we do not choose to struggle and stumble and then Rise,Rise above all.
If you cannot make a profession out of your Passion,Why is that you have started giving up? Cannot you continue with your passion,your own version of success for your Dreams. Maybe there will be Nobody,Nobody to measure you,Nobody to witness you,Nobody to clap for you when you achieve excellence in your little steps..but this Competition ,with yourself is far better than just giving up!

Work on yourself,work on your passion,your dreams, set your own benchmark and create your own version of Success.It won’t just let your regrets vanish but indeed will give you an immense satisfaction when you will close your eyes,and think abou it!

Get Started Today Itself! 


If you are still looking for your place in the world and you have not yet made it, now is the right time to make it. Just stop for a second and keep quiet and think about it you will surely find it.


by Rangoli Roy

Kirorimal College

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