Farewell Season in Delhi University


Hi folks!

While everybody is caught up with exam fever these days, there is An equal vitality on the topic of what is sincerely the most important day in a student’s life ( Some may disagree, but I still make this claim quite strongly),

The ‘Farewell’ that is. Although the formal good bye ceremony officially marks a closure to your academic sojourn, nonetheless farewells always strike a ‘high note’ when it comes to bidding good bye in the most special way possible.

While most of the undergraduates or postgraduates across various departments, Disciplines are through with their farewells across DU, some are still underway in their preparations for the big day.

Having had my farewell party two years back, I still feel a great deal of nostalgia for each and every aspect of this joint gala time with my juniors ( the lovable Hosts), teachers and the friends with whom we shared our journeys, with every archive of grad days fuming up umbrella of sweet memories to be cherished for life. Okay, coming out of self mode button, I sympathize with all those who are caught in the last minute preparation about what to wear, where to get other wardrobe stuff from, but hey you are not the only ones, it has been the case always, in the preparation to look your best on your farewell. However, it is equally important to not just be perfect outside but to make the most of the this special party arranged exclusively for you, arranged to bestow upon you host of titles complementing your personality, a number of sometimes quirky, some time fun contests, music, dance along with a special lunch for the special Day! It could be just your day if you decide to bring out a confession of a crush you have long buried for a fellow classmate, senior or even a teacher or help you philosophize about the course if it had any life changing impact on you or may be this could be the perfect opportunity to express the love and respect you felt for your favorite teacher.

For those planning to give your farewell a miss, I strongly say that please do not miss out on something which is organize exclusively for you with lot of preparation and love by all those who will miss your presence once you pass out.

Secondly, it is a wonderful opportunity for those who are branded in a certain way and want to come out their typecast image, as friends ,you may as well surprise all by substituting those geeky glasses with colored lenses or for that matter your acing the dress sense.

However it is you and your originality that is the most coolest thing about you !

This when combined with a impeccable style of clothes and other stuff you wish to flaunt, helps you put your best foot forward on the day of Farewell !

One parting note said with a tinge of personal echo, Farewells really are one of the most memorable days of a student’s life, with the official permit to dance, sing and have a blast within the college ! Teacher’s sometimes join in too J.

Now buck up all those who are heading for your farewell party time, prep up and make the most of the farewell day before all DUites are led to the exam trap !

Cheers 😉

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