Eye Lens Cameras : Blink and click, Will it be that easy?

Do you know what that means?

Yet another advancement in technology comes with Sony’s eye lens camera which is a contact lens with a built in camera, storage and transmission unit. Yes you heard it right! A lens unit configured to be worn on an eyeball; to capture images. Not only a camera, but this lens contains autofocus, zoom, aperture control and even image stabilization.
Now if it’s inside the eye, how does it click?
The shutter of the camera would be controlled by consciously blinking of your eye. The intelligent contact lens calibrates it’s camera with its wearer’s blink which is used in figuring out the eyelid closing time. It is the piezoelectric sensor which determines the difference between the normal blink and a ‘take a photo blink’. It means that by essentially blinking for little longer than usual would capture the image.
The contact lens camera doesn’t only capture images but stores them too. And if this is still not enough, Sony discloses that the lens is capable or not only recording a video but displaying it. You read that right! The lens houses an organic electroluminescence display screen. This is what the lens is intended to be for-video recording.
The next question arises that how will it work? How will it be powered? No batteries included! The power is to be transmitted wirelessly through either radio waves or electromagnetic induction. The lens also measures the tilt of the eye so it can correct the tilted frames. Other than that, the camera of Sony lens is also capable of performing autofocus, automatic exposure adjustments, aperture stop adjustments and zooming.
But, how all these functions would be carried out is still a question. It is not entirely clear if different types of blinking would let us alter the settings. Also, how exactly it would distinguish between different types of blink is not yet clarified.
There is a lot in planning along with similar efforts from Google and other companies, this is something incoming. Conflicted reality is a possible future and with this, it will lead to an always worn screen and camera system.

By Shefali Sharma,
Writer – DU Times

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