Prime minister Narendra Modi in his last visit to the north-east part of India in 2015 promised that they will no more be deprived of facilities which are being provided to the central India. In the jam packed stadium Narendra Modi put forward the new idea for the rejuvenation of the 8 north-eastern states. The steps taken from the very first year of the government has started giving results which are appreciable.
Assam was once the most richest state and had the highest per capita income but the post independence centralized politics churned the dreams of the state of growing big and self dependent. The successive government were more concentrated to the central India and the time came when people of north-eastern parts started protesting for being left out in the over all growth ratio of states. Conflicting borders and immigration issues have also been a problem along with the Maoist infiltration of BODO and several more organisations.
The NDA government in its Lok Sabha polls promised for “Sabka saath, Sabka Vikas” and it seems that they have kept their promise with several railway lines being inaugurated and infrastructural changes on a fast track mode. Assam has given its mandate to the BJP backed NDA alliance for the next 5 years as they think that the alliance is determined to force nothing but development.
The northeast part is rich in its natural resources hence the development projects must be at par with the proper use of the natural resources. The government must focus on providing basic facilities of schooling and living with ending the border issues with Bangladesh and China. The central and state government must collaborate for the tourism potential of the 7 sisters and 1 brother of northeast. Together they can take the less developed side to new heights.
Introduction of railway lines will bridge the gap of development and psychological issues with the central India. The government seems to be determined but they have just started and there is a lot to cover.

By Ayush Verma,
Editor- DU Times

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