DU’s Colleges Recieved Bomb Threats

In a disturbing turn of events, two prominent colleges of Delhi University (DU), Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College and Sri Venkateswara College, received bomb threat calls on Thursday morning, prompting a swift response from the Delhi Police and Delhi Fire Service (DFS). This incident follows a recent series of similar threats targeting schools and hospitals in the national capital, raising serious concerns about public safety and security.

“The principal of the college received a message about a bomb in the afternoon. She instructed us to make rounds and keep an eye on the surroundings. Police and bomb disposal squad reached the college and conducted search operations, but nothing was found from the premises,” security guard of Lady Shri Ram College Prem Sagar Pandit told PTI.

The DFS reported receiving the initial threat call at 4:38 PM for LSR College, prompting the dispatch of two fire tenders to the scene. Shortly thereafter, Sri Venkateswara College reported a similar threat. Firefighters, along with Delhi Police officials, bomb disposal squads, and dog units, quickly converged on the campuses to conduct thorough searches.

This incident comes after bomb threats that have trouble schools across Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh, and Bengaluru in recent weeks, all of which have turned out to be hoaxes. Just a day prior, a bomb threat email was sent to the Police Control Room in North Block, home to the Ministry of Home Affairs, further heightening security concerns.

Authorities have been on high alert, given the similarities between these threats and the broader pattern of recent hoaxes. On May 21, Delhi Police officials revealed that the bomb threat emails received by approximately 150 schools in early May were traced back to an IP address in Budapest, Hungary. Investigations suggest a potential “deeper conspiracy” possibly linked to a terror group, with suspicions pointing towards an ISIS module. This latest round of threats is believed to be part of the same campaign of intimidation aimed at disrupting the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

The threatening emails, sent via the Europe-based mailing service “beeble.com,” contained explicit and violent language, claiming responsibility under the name “Terrorizer111.” The email read: “There’s a bomb inside of your university, but also inside of every Delhi University. Blood will scatter everywhere and we will slit your families’ throats as well.”

Despite the intense search operations at LSR and Sri Venkateswara College, no explosive devices or suspicious objects were found. Both institutions were declared safe after thorough inspections. The DFS and Delhi Police continue to investigate the origin and authenticity of the threat emails, urging the public to remain vigilant but calm.

The recurrence of these threats has sparked a broader conversation about security protocols in educational institutions and the need for international cooperation to track and neutralize such cyber threats. As the Delhi Police deepen their probe, they emphasize the importance of community awareness and prompt reporting of any suspicious activities to mitigate potential risks.

While the immediate crisis has been averted, the psychological impact on students and staff cannot be understated. Authorities are taking steps to provide necessary counseling and support services to those affected by the incidents. Enhanced security measures and increased patrols around educational institutions are expected to continue in the coming days to ensure the safety and well-being of all stakeholders.

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