#DUAgainstOnlineExams is now trending on Twitter

As Delhi University takes into consideration the proposal to conduct an open book examination for the final year/semester students, #duagainstonlineexams is now trending on Twitter.


The students of Delhi University has taken their stand against the online examination and begin posting on Twitter and other social media platforms using hashtags #duagainstonlineexams and #educationwithoutexclusion.

Amidst the lockdown, the University plans to conduct the examinations for the final year students if COVID-19 threat prevails.

Students took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the University’s decision, pointing out the difficulties they are facing.

1. Lack of study materials/ resources
Most of the out-stationed students went back to their homes during the mid-sem break and with the lockdown they got struck with no possibility of getting back to their colleges or accessing the study materials. Many students revealed that online classes have not been conducted for most of the courses and they are facing a huge problem. Inadequate resources and no proper revision leaves the students helpless.

2. Network Connectivity and Lack of Electronic Gadgets
Internet connectivity is one of the major issues the students are dealing with. Lack of proper electronic gadgets like phone, computer or laptop makes it nearly impossible for students coming from poor households to appear for the exams.

3. No Alternative for Visually/ Physically Handicapped Students
While the University gives an equal opportunity for the differently abled students but the decision turns out to be unfair and discriminatory for them.

The outrage arose after University’s decision to conduct online examinations for final year students was announced on May 14.

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