Amidst rising Environmental Challenges; School of Climate Change and Sustainability soon says, DU

Delhi University is gearing up to establish a School of Climate Change and Sustainability under the Institute of Eminence scheme, which will be undertaking research in priority areas such as; How to make cities climate-resilient?

Prof. C. R. babu will be the honorary Director of the school. Professor Inderjit Singh will act as Joint Director, and Prof. R.S. Sharma will be serving as an officer on special duty.

“The environmental challenges are rapid depletion of natural resources, rampant losses of biodiversity, huge build-up of pollutants in air, water and soil, quantum jumps in emissions of greenhouse gases leading to climate change and the emergence of new pathogens and pests, all of which are threatening natural ecosystems and their sustainability,” read the statement, reports, The Hindu.

The School will also be generating much-needed manpower in areas that manage sustainable developmental technologies in areas of energy, resource recycling, which include wastewater management and solid waste management and resource enhancement so that the development is sustainable.

The school would take up research in priority areas like how to make our cities climate resilient? How to achieve sustainability in the face of environmental challenges?” Delhi University asserted in the statement.

“The school will develop a cadre of qualified professionals and practitioners and evolve leaders who will translate socio-ecological theories into practical solutions for meeting the challenges of national priority — sustainable development,” further reports, The Hindu.

Environmental challenges, for instance; depletion of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, different forms of pollution, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are results of “loss of ecological integration”, as per the varsity. From the School of Climate Change and Sustainability under the IoE scheme of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, or MHRD, the university’s aim is to achieve sustainable development goals; with a focus on the national development as well as to make DU a “world-class university”.

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