DU ADMISSIONS !!! It’s time again


Hi friends ! Good to come to one’s senses and write here after a month long battle with exams. Now that exams are well a matter of history ( till the results are announced 😛 ) and DU being in the phase of welcoming new students into its campuses, why not share some DU admission gyaan to the ‘ fucchas’ seeking admissions to various graduate programmes this year.
With the city drenching in the scorching summer heat and the admission procedures on a roll on, it’s time for the aspirants to come out of the comfort zones and be on a vigilante mode to make sure that no dates of admission formalities are missed.
Admissions to Delhi University has been matter of much fanfare as much it is about seeking right choice cum college for one. Now this has been as if the eternal dilemma of whether to choose a brand, more popular college or to go for the right course. By deeming one as popular and other as right I’m not hinting that one’s choice should be tilted towards the right course only as it is equally important to seek for yourself a campus, a brand name you would like to associate with. However to wander in a self created illusion of different college’s brand values will be of no avail. While some are more sought after colleges in North campus are often hailed as dream destination for every DU aspirant, the others located at different places in Delhi apart from north are deemed as ‘ off campus’ which does not in any way imply that their academic standards are low. For all colleges providing wide range of programmes have a dedicated faculty to impart the knowledge of those specialized courses to you, and since our teachers don’t choose the college just like we do, so the question of ‘ brand’ is surely not applicable to the teaching staff. However there are certain departments which are said to be slightly better than others, to this regard, one need to rely on the students studying or pass outs of the same. Afterall, some bit of college specific gyaan is a part of one’s homework and learning through the process of admissions.
Every college of DU from both campuses, house a number of societies from poetry, to music to western dance to popular theatre societies catering to different talents of students apart from academics and giving them wings to pursue what they find themselves passionate to do. With every society having it’s own calendar, Du each year is soaked much in the ‘ inter as well as intra house ‘ competitions cum festivities and the grand fests of each college. With known faces from film/ music industry/ rock bands to rappers DU’s extravagance on matters like these is quite unprecedented.
Each campus is unique in its own way and have a way to make for itself a special place in the hearts of its students in one way or the other.
Now with admissions round the corner, I would like to pass on the message to DU aspirants to not be disappointed if the college you get does not match with the dream college you had in mind while preparing your 12 th boards ( applicable to some, including me 5 years back ) for every campus is buzzing with life, a life force which is instilled by the students who swarm round the campus, buzzing with laughter in canteens, nukkads, tea stalls with friends or classroom chatting at the back desks during lectures or clicking innumerable photos in every hook and corner of your college, for it is the memories which you will make during those three years that will count; rest assured all of yours marksheets will bear the same stamp of you being a part of DU !
Cheers and all the best for the upcoming admissions 2015 !

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