Different Kinds Of PG Roomies!

The scholar

They love reading. They are always chasing good grades and are found spending long hours browsing books in the library or clearing their doubts with the profs. Just before the exams, you can see flocks of students surrounding them in their rooms where the scholars “distribute their knowledge” but they never tell the whole story. Be it a class test or an end semester examination, their scores would only give you an inferiority complex. Even when you call them for partying, they only give a VIP appearance.1

The cleanliness freak

A messy room makes them crazy. They spend more time in cleaning their rooms than studying. They want everything in place. Mess with their rooms and you will pray that you were never born. Their obsession with cleanliness makes you sick but in the end, you love the fact that they do more than their fair share.2

The borrower

“Sharing is caring” is what they truly believe in. They borrow money, books, clothes, pen, pencil, face wash, pizza and everything else that you own. They use your things more than you do. “jo tera hai vo mera hai” is their favorite dialogue and when you feel reluctant in sharing your most expensive thing, they convince you with their cheesy sentimental dialogues “ Bhai ko nahi dikhaega” etc.3

The lazy lad

They are too lazy to come out of their rooms. They barely come out to have dinner and also it makes you wonder what they actually do in their rooms.Even detectives are unable to solve this mysterious phenomenon. Holidays and weekends are their favourite days when they can actually “rest”. They are too lazy to clean their rooms too. You can find heaps of unwashed cloths which just makes the room further unbearable to enter. Their attendance in college is so short that when you see them attending lectures, you feel like asking them “aaj sooraj kahaan se nikla hai”.



The chatter box

They speak a lot and they can speak about anything and everything. Even if they know about the matter or not, they would voice their opinions, most of them being pretty useless and they would never leave you alone. Sometimes, you feel like gluing their lips and ask them to shut up for the sake of humanity which you can only assume but unfortunately can’t do. You can only wonder that where the hell do they get that much energy for that nonstop chattering. They make it very difficult for you to study but they are actually “aadat se majboor” and can’t help it.


The control freak

They just need a topic to fight over. They would not let you do anything without their consent. They will argue over which shelves they get, which music to play, what time to switch off the lights etc. Even if you want to decorate your wall, you would have to ask them first otherwise you would have to face their tantrums and deal with their angry looks. They will always be benefiting in the end.6


The party animal

Party is always on their mind. All they hear is party and never miss any opportunity to enjoy. They live for parties and are great party planners as well. They keep waiting for weekends and they would never leave any party without seeing off the last person attending the party. “4 baj gaye lekin party ab bhi baki hai” is their all time favorite song.


The busy ghost

You will never find them alone or in the room for that matter. They are involved in lots of clubs and friend circles. They are very social and friendly and everyone from the chaivala to the prominent seniors know them. They have a highly active lifestyle and they come to their rooms only to sleep. You will barely find them in classes either.




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