Delhi University Admissions : Sports and ECA Quota

Delhi University Sports ECA Quota

Students wishing to seek admission under the Sports/ Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) quota in Delhi University (DU) this year will also have to register themselves with the varsity’s portal.

While dates for registration have been announced, the university is yet to announce the dates of trials for these categories.

Sports and colleges:

All students including those who wish to seek admission under Sports/ECA quota will have to register themselves on the university portal. Using their registration number the students will then have to go for trials, which will be game-wise for sports quota and non-performing art wise for ECA quota.

For example if a college has good infrastructure for basketball, trials for the game will be held in that particular college, similarly if a college has a good stage for a theatre performance, auditions for theatrics will be held in that college.


In case of sports, 50 per cent weightage will be given to both trial and certificate.

In case of ECA, however, 75 per cent weightage will be given to trials and the rest to certificates.

A candidate, however, will have to score 50 per cent in trials to be eligible for admission in either categories.

The decision to make Extra Curricular Activity admissions centralised was taken this year after a number of DU professors approached the admissions committee asking them to make the process fair. Sports quota admissions were centralised last year.

Guidelines for DU 2018 UG Admissions on the basis of Sports:

As per official notification of the University of Delhi, the colleges affiliated to the university will need to notify the number of seats under Sports Quota on their college website well in advance, i.e.; before the pre-registration schedule of the undergraduate programmes as announced by the University.

There are two categories under which DU will admit students on the basis of Sports Quota:

Super Category – Under this category, there shall be direct admissions without sports trials. Delhi University will be conducting 2018 admissions for UG programmes for the sports persons who have participated/represented the country in the following competitions –

  1. Olympic Games by International Olympic Committee
  2. World Championships under International Sports federations (IOA and/or MYAS recognized/affiliated Games)
  3. Asian Games by Olympic Council of Asia
  4. Asian Championships under International Sports federations (IOA and/or MYAS recognized/affiliated Games)
  5. Commonwealth Games, S.A.F Games and Afro-Asian Games (IOA and /or MYAS recognized/affiliated Games)
  6. Paralympic Games (IOA and/or MYAS recognized/affiliated Games)

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Admissions with Sports Trials – Under this category, the admissions will be based on sports trials. The candidates availing Sports Quota under this category need to follow the guidelines as below –

  1. Those who have Sports Certificates will be awarded a maximum of 50 marks
  2. The DU Colleges will conduct and video-graph the Sports Trials
  3. There shall be a maximum of 50 marks for Sports Trials which include skill test, game performance test, game specific fitness and fundamentals of the game
  4. It is essential for the candidates to qualify at one of the following fitness test items for being considered of the admissions in Archery, Chess and Shooting. While those availing Spots Quota for other games need to qualify in any of the two fitness test items for being considered eligible for admissions under the Quota –
Strength – Standing Broad Jump Endurance – 1000 metres Run/Walk Speed – 50 metres Dash
1.65 metres for Men
1.15 metres for Women
5.00 minutes for Men
6.00 minutes for Women
8.00 seconds for Men
9.00 seconds for Women
3 Attempts Allowed 1 Attempt Allowed 1 Attempt Allowed

Highlights of the DU Fitness Test – Candidates availing DU Admissions 2018 Sports Quota can find below highlights of the fitness tests –

  1. University of Delhi, for the very first time is conducting a fitness test prior to Fitness Trials conducted by Colleges
  2. The Fitness Test is the qualifying test for subsequent process of marking of Sports Certificates and Sports Trials and does not entitle the candidates for admissions on the basis of Sports
  3. The fitness trails will be conducted by the Committee constitutes by Delhi University Sports Council in the University Polo ground and the results of Fitness Test will be notified officially
  4. Delhi University shall be conducting Fitness Tests on the schedule venue, i.e. University Polo ground, Near Police Line, Kingsway Camp, Delhi between the scheduled dates
  5. The Delhi University Sports Council shall video-graph the fitness test

How can I avail Sports/ECA Quota for DU 2018 Admissions?

You can avail the Sports/ECA Quota Application Form through the same online application form of DU 2018 admissions. You need to fill in the DU Admissions Sporta/ECA Quota Application Form and submit it between the scheduled dates as provided by the respective colleges to the avail the quota. Afterwards, you will have to appear for the Fitness Tests conducted by DU Sports Council and then the fitness trials at respective DU Colleges, on the scheduled dates. Moreover, the Delhi University has decided that, this year there shall be no multiple trials conducted. The sports trials will be conducted game-wise and in respective colleges.

DU Admissions Sports Quota Activity Dates – Find below the important dates for the fitness tests and sports trials –

DU Admissions 2018 through Sports/ECA Quota Events Important Dates
Beginning of Issue and Receipt of DU Admissions 2018 Sports/ECA Quota Application Forms by the Colleges *Last week of May
Submission of list of applicants seeking admissions on the basis of Sports by colleges *2nd week of June
Conduct of Fitness Test by DU Sports Council at University Polo ground, Kingsway Camp *Last week of June
Online Notification of Result of Fitness Test *Last week of June
Dispatch of soft copies of the Results of Fitness Tests to all colleges *Last week of June
Conduct of Sports Trials by Colleges *Last week of June

*Tentative dates

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