Delhi University releases a notice clarifying queries of Intermediate students

Delhi University is preparing itself and students for OBE and promoted intermediate students on the basis of their previous semester/ yearly examination score. Now the questions arise if s student has failed in the previous semester/yearly examination then will it impact his score or he/she will get a chance to improve?
In order to answer this question, the University passed a notice regarding the carry forward for intermediate students. As per the notification, if a student has failed or was absent in any subject during his/her previous examination then he/she will get a chance to give an improvement exam for that particular subject when the next examination will be held.
In other words, intermediate students will be promoted irrespective of any subject they have failed during the previous semester/yearly examination. Plus, the student will get a chance to give improvement exam whenever next semester/yearly examination will take place.
It’s surely a piece of good news for intermediate students, who were worrying about their scores.

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