Delhi University refuses to reply to RTI plea on PM’s BA degree

Delhi University has declined to give information under RTI related to PM Narendra Modi’s bachelor of arts degree. The university cited inability to find information without a roll number as reason for the denial. The plea was accepted by the central information commission (CIC), which has dismissed the case.
According to his election affidavit, he completed a distance education course from DU in 1978. His subject is said to have been Political Science.

Source: Election Commission of India

The Prime Minister’s Office’ (PMO) website does not mention any information about his educational qualification. The official website of the Election Commission of India mentions that he did BA from Delhi University.

This is not the first time details of Modi’s educational qualifications have been sought, and denied, under RTI. Earlier, Gujarat University refused to make information related to the PM’s masters degree public, saying that the marksheet and other details were personal information. An RTI plea was also filed with the PMO on his MA degree. It was turned down because authorities said that they did not have the information.