Coolest travelling hacks for your next endeavor

Being a tourist, you should be well acquainted with various travelling hacks that’ll enable easy and fun travelling,and will help you minimize your costs, thereby making you rich in experience. Here are a few hacks,which if kept in mind,will give you a better travelling experience.


While booking for your journey

  • Always enable private browsing while booking tickets and hotels online,since travel sites often raise the prices after tracking your last visit on them.
  • Keep yourself updated with the discounts given by budget airlines.
  • In case of connecting flights to other countries,always check for local flights in that country to the country of your final destination. You may end up saving a pretty handsome amount.
  • Instead of reserving a hotel room,look out for localites renting their place for tourists. You’ll find better accommodation there than hotels. Plus,they’ll acquaint you better with the local culture and places of ‘must-visits’.
  • You may also choose to live in backpacker’s hostels. You’ll find many tourist mates there and numerous travel stories to hear too!


Tips for smart packing

  • Roll the clothes instead of folding them.
  • Keep socks,undergarments and handkerchiefs inside footwear.
  • Keep chargers, earphones and cables in glass or wrist watch cases.
  • Put hair clips in tic tac containers.


While on your tour

  • When travelling in a foreign country, instead of using money converters in airports, use local ATMs or credit cards,wherever possible. You’ll be saved from the trouble of conversion fees and exchange rates.
  • Always keep an auto updated currency converter app handy.
  • Keep the settings of Google Maps to ‘work offline’. You’ll end up saving your money on enormous net charges.
  • Always keep a small first aid kit with yourself.
  • To save yourself from getting ripped off,act like you know the place quite well. Also, keep some basic information about the area.



Shreya Srivastava | Content Writer | DU Times

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