Clash Erupts at JNU Between ABVP and Leftist Groups During Election Preparations

Late on Friday night, there was a fight at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi. It happened between two groups of students – one called ABVP and the other connected to the Left. They were having a meeting to choose people for the student elections. Both groups said some of their members got hurt.

JNU Clash Between ABVP and Leftist Groups

This fight took place during a meeting at the Sabarmati Dhaba on the campus. The meeting was about picking members for the Election Commission for the 2024 JNUSU elections. The Left group, DSF, said ABVP students disrupted the meeting by causing trouble and not letting it happen peacefully.

Videos on social media showed students arguing loudly, and security had to come in to calm things down.

The DSF accused ABVP of working with the administration to stop the meeting from happening. They said it was an attempt to stop the fair process of elections.

The Students’ Federation of India said ABVP students attacked the JNUSU president, Aishe Ghosh.

ABVP said it was actually the Left group who started the fight. They said Left students tried to disturb the meeting because they didn’t want it to happen. ABVP said they tried to stop the disruptions, but it led to a fight.

The situation got worse as ABVP accused the Left group of starting trouble after they couldn’t stop the meeting.

A lot of students had come to Sabarmati Dhaba for the meeting. Earlier in the day, enough students had agreed to have the meeting, so it could start.

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