Children are deprived of Games


Replaced by screen time (either television, mobile, or computers)

The lack of play is causing physical, intellectual, social, and emotional harm to our children.

Physical – Obesity & Unhealthy Physic… lack of motor coordination.. piled up stress

Intellectual – Decrease in creativity, imagination, curiosity, social skills, resiliency, and the ability to assess risk etc.,

Social – Dont know how to work in groups, share, negotiate, resolve conflicts, and being advocate for themselves..lack of nonverbal skills

Emotional – Being a loner, lack of relationship skills, inappropriate expression of feelings…lack of self esteem

In play we can imagine situations never encountered before and learn from them. Toy aeroplanes preceded real ones.

Forget about all this… if your child is not introduced to play and sticking to game rules, How you can make the child understand about self discipline without any external control?

Is it by paying a teacher for threatening a child to sit in his/her chair for six hours!

Think …
Dedicate after school hours of your child just for play and dont allow your child to touch school books at that time.. its difficult but much needed….