CBSE Results Out: Delhi Govt. School Remarkable Scores

After months of anticipation and hard work, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the results for the Class 10th and 12th board examinations. The results, released yesterday, have brought moments of both happiness and reflection for students across the country.

CBSE Class 12 results students can check them on the official websites – and – and other digital platforms including DigiLocker website – and UMANG app.

This year, the pass rate is 87.98%, up by 0.65% from last year’s 87.33%. Out of 16,33,730 students who registered for the CBSE Class 12 exams this year, 16,21,224 actually took the exams. Among them, 14,26,420 students passed.

Record Pass Percentage in Delhi Govt Schools

One of the standout highlights of this year’s results is the exceptional performance of students from Delhi government schools. With a remarkable pass percentage of 96.99%, these schools have set a new benchmark for academic excellence within the CBSE framework. This score is the reflection of students hardwork as well as entire education department of Delhi for this spectacular performance.

National Pass Percentage

On a national level, the overall pass percentage stands at 87.98%. This statistic underscores the collective efforts and dedication of students, teachers, and parents in navigating the challenges posed by the global pandemic and ensuring academic success amidst hardships.

Aspirations for University Life

With the release of board exam results, students are now eagerly looking ahead to the next chapter of their academic journey: university life. For many, this marks the beginning of a new era filled with opportunities, challenges, and the pursuit of their passions.

After the release of results of 12th standard,  there is a palpable sense of curiosity and anticipation regarding admissions to prestigious colleges and institutions. Students are eager to explore their options, weigh their choices, and secure placements in the colleges of their dreams.

As students prepare to transition from the familiar confines of school to the dynamic environment of university, they are faced with a myriad of decisions and possibilities. From selecting courses to adapting to new routines, the road ahead is filled with both excitement and uncertainty.

As students shines in the glow of their academic achievements, it’s essential to celebrate not just the end result, but also the journey that led them to this moment. Each success, no matter how big or small, is a result to their resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Support Systems and Guidance

Amidst the excitement and anticipation, it’s important to acknowledge the vital role played by teachers, mentors, and support systems in shaping the academic journey of students. Their guidance, encouragement, and unwavering support have been instrumental in helping students achieve their goals and aspirations.

The release of CBSE 10th and 12th results marks a significant milestone in the academic calendar, serving as a poignant reminder of the hard work, dedication, and perseverance exhibited by students across the country. As they embark on the next phase of their academic journey, one thing is certain: the future holds boundless opportunities for growth, learning, and personal development.

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