Your college experience includes all that you learn, enjoy and absorb in and out of the classroom. You’ve heard the saying “All Work and No Play”. But there are plenty of things to do outside the classroom at DU’s Colleges. These colleges support a long list of student societies and activities, as well as intramural sports. In addition, the student groups host many special events throughout the year.  Getting involved in all activities can be a lot of fun and add to your college experience.


Lets Start Your Day…. 🙂

Good Morning Professor:

Students hanging in the college campus say Good Morning to your favorite professor as you move to their Campus for your early morning coffee or even tea.

Creative Minds:

Rather than creating basic projects, you’ll be involved in public speaking having theology, philosophy, sociology in addition to technology so that you find the entire image.

Right After Class:

Lose enough energy when the college day is over by means of hanging out in the college campus, you also won’t want to miss the food court and restaurant located on campus.

By means of taking benefits from all the activities on- and off-campus, you can obtain additional 50 % of your current higher educational life.

Outside of Campus:

Some colleges are located in great areas filled with historical places, restaurants and malls, perfect place for quick weekend escape.

Day and Evening Classes:

Many of your classes may be available on line as well, so you can take them anytime, anywhere, so long as you have a reliable Internet connection. To find out more, call and talk with an Enrollment Specialist at your college campus.


Meet new people and balance your study life by joining one or more sporting and social clubs at campus.

Student Spaces:

You can find out learning spaces available for students at all the DU campuses.