Campus Life in Delhi University

College life isn’t only about academics, it is also about campus life, extracurricular activities and about the cultural events because this is what your “college life” would be defined like for the next 3-4 years. DU has a huge campus divided in two campuses i.e. North campus and South campus, also there are several off- campus colleges too in DU.

Delhi University takes extracurricular activities very seriously, there are various students’ societies running in DU for almost any skill/ activity you can think of, be it dance, music, drama, quiz, debate etc. The University has also got many accolades for dancing, singing, theatre, etc. Intercollege/ departmental quizzes, TEDX, Model United Nation, etc. are almost daily activities in the campus.

The University also encourages students to participate in several co- curricular activities like robotics, paper presentations, mountaineering, etc. Recently a south campus student was selected for the dance championship and he presented India in the foreign country.

The most exciting part about college life are the annual fests, and Delhi University conducts several fests and cultural events, organized both by individual colleges and university combined. Antardhwani is the university’s annual fest which attracts participation from students all over the country, from classical music competition to rock concerts, film festivals to chess competitions and treasure hunts to fashion shows, Delhi University also conducts Diwali melas, organized by individual colleges involving various competitions, music, dance etc. Delhi University leaves no stones unturned when it comes to an overall development of the students.