Journaling : Benefits of Penning down

There are a lot of people who have a lot to say but do not find someone as such to speak their heart out each and every time. But, for their knowledge it is not necessary always to go to for such things but a notepad or a notebook can do the same. Penning down everything that is on your mind is much easier and effective than it seems to be. It is not important that you have to write everyday while you maintain a journal.It is a form of self-expression that can lift and empower people to understand they’re complex feelings and find humor with it. There are a lot of types of journaling that a person can do, may it be travel journal or dream writing journal or an art journal or various to-do lists or simply a normal journal.There is no pattern to be followed, you can write wherever, however and whenever you feel like writing.There are a lot to benefits keeping a journal, let’s go through them.

1. For writers this is actually a good start. Journaling on a daily basis would help them making writing a habit and improving it day by day. Pouring out all the thoughts and ideas into one place helps create a better write up. It helps them keep their thoughts organised. It does the same for people who love art as well, keeping art journals make them more creative.

2.Expressive writing helps in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety in a person who is constantly fighting an unknown battle inside his/her head. You never actually realize depression until it’s too late,but before hand if something is bothering you so much, just try to pen it down.

3.Writing and making TO-DO lists and penning down multiple tasks that you are upto, on a notepad everyday, actually makes it more likely for the completion of those tasks. When you jot down what you have to do, it also makes it easier you to remember it and completed it on time.

4.Regular practice of journaling can help you identify things that would otherwise go unnoticed, such as patterns in your thinking, the influences behind your feelings and behavior, consequences behind it and any incongruencies in your life.

5.It becomes a part of your memories and experiences, may it be writing, travelling, tasks, jobs and many more such experiences, that you have gone through. It remains with you for a longer period of time cherishing you or either making you remind of the mistakes that you shouldn’t to repeat.

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