ABVP Alleges NSUI and DU Administration of Connivance!

Recently, there have been big revelations about the kind of ill and crooked methods that the different parties practice in order to fetch that one high seat of the President!
The candidate of ABVP who was made to sit on the seat of Presidency by the university students, recently lost his seat to the constant ‘collar-hawking’ and tug of war between the political parties.
And much to the surprise of everyone,now this storm has taken many old politicians within its conception. ABVP minister Bharat Khatam has alleged NSUI’s Former President Rocky Tuseed of getting admissions in Buddhist department through ill means and connivance of NSUI and DU administration.At the same time,he gave his wrong pledge-letter to get into DUSU elections.Also,Khatam claims that Rocky took undue advantage and thereby withdrew a sum of Rs. 10 lakh From the student’s fund of DUSU.
Not just this,NSUI’s All India minster used fraudgery while seeking admissions to the Buddhist department of PhD, DU.
Bharat said that ABVP had raised these questions in front of DU administration but owing to the fraudgery and adultaration being practiced,no step has been taken against the same since months.
On 19th of November,owing to the circumstances prevailing, ABVP students held a protest against the DU Vice Chancellor in front of the Arts faculty and demanded justice.
The university is going through a massive political chaos at the moment… and for all the students it is important to know the truth from both sides…!!
Stay tuned…!
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