A Social Media Vacation

A social media vacation 

Taking an off from social media has been quite trending in the past few days. Because  various celebs are deactivating their Twitter and other social media handles. They have been giving up all the million fans and the love they garnered till now. Just to protect their sanity after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. The most probable reason behind his suicide is suspected to be the ignorance and lack of opportunities he got from Bollywood industry. After this, fans started trolling all the star kid actors. They started blaming them for nepotism and murdering Suhant. This is why, the actors being trolled found rescue in deactivating their accounts. But the actual question that arises here is if taking social media off really works well to rejuvenate us or not? 

The answer lies only in experiencing social media off. 

Social media has made us a participant of an invisible and invincible race in which all of us are running blindly to get more likes and comments on us oblivious of the fact that we are ultimately ruining ourselves by doing it. Social media has glued us to our phones so much that we always live in a virtual world and often ignore the beauty of moments around us. The peak of this situation occurs when we can think nothing but only about social media all the time. 

Therefore, it becomes essential at that moment to back off from this platform and give time to enhance the real us. Speaking from personal experience and from experience of other people, Social media breaks do help an individual to rejuvenate his mind and soul. The benefits one reaps after backing off from social media handles for some time are listed below :

1. Presence of mind

When we do not use social media, we tend to be more lively and vibrant in real life as compared to earlier. Because our mind earlier was preoccupied with the same thought but now we start paying attention to everything around us and we also embrace their existence on this earth. Therefore, it’s not wrong to say that social media offs can help us become more present into the moment and not just live in the virtual world that is limited within our mobile phone screens. 

2. Valuing real friendships

Our friendships today begin with making friends on social media and end with unfollowing them. The only way that most of us use to connect with our friends is through social media. But, is just liking and commenting on our friend’s post enough? Or just dropping a heart on their status or stories enough to show our love towards them ? Once we back off from this platform, we actually understand who our real friends are. And then we can take all the possible steps to meet them physically or call them and have a heartfelt conversation. This is something that refreshes us when we sit with our friends and talk about the memories made together. 

3. More time than before

Social media is a big culprit in taking away our precious time from us. Whenever we use social media and keep scrolling down on the content, we do not even realise how much time we waste over it without doing anything productive. As soon as we leave this platform, we find ourselves left with more time than usual. This left over time can be used by us to do anything productive. It will make yourself feel good instead of feeling guilty.


All these reasons suffice my case of how and why social media breaks help us. The initial days would definitely be tough as we will not be doing something that we are habitual of. But eventually, everything falls in place and we start feeling more positive and happy for being away from the social platform. It is just equivalent to a mind therapy. All of us need to do it to ourselves and rejuvenate our brain cells.

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