8 symptoms that MTB Himalayas is for you!

If you can relate yourself with the following and have these symptoms then MTB Himalayas is surely for you. Go and live your dream!


  1. You feel a sudden adrenaline rush even with a slight thought of biking:

If you have this feeling, then the Himalayas are your zenith and MTB Himalayas your pathway to reach there.

  1. You love biking, you have a passion to ride but all that you fear is mountains:

If this is you then all you need is to counter this fear and push yourself beyond your limits and to suppress this fear of the unknown, MTB Himalayas is your haven!

  1. You are mesmerized and awestruck looking at natural beauty:

If this is you, then go ahead you cannot afford to lose this chance to be a part of the MTB Himalayas. Be it volunteering or going for the biking, you cannot lose this opportunity to be a part.

  1. If riding a bike doesn’t tire you anymore:

If you no more get tired having long endless bike rides, then you have turned into a biker and all you await is an opportunity to take this love to a higher level. Go and ride! MTB Himalayas is for you!

  1. If you get mesmerized seeing someone riding a professional bike, wearing all the accessories:

If you are innerved by this and you imagine yourself this way then don’t let anyone come between you both: your love, the bike and you!

  1. If riding and travelling re-energizes your soul:

If you counter this feeling, then you are a born for biking and your soul gets revamped by a small bike ride, then let your love become you passion!

  1. If plains don’t interest you anymore:

If after travelling so much, you are not enthralled by the plains any more, then you are definitely for the mountains- go and volunteer!

  1. If hearing the name of a professional biker raises your spirits:

If this happens with you then you have to know that you love biking, you feel biking and you live biking! All that you fear is to go near your love, and hence apprehend failure. Don’t let this happen and get back to your home: the Himalayas, they are waiting!


Mahima Khurana,
Content Writer – DU Times

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